Indulge your senses
Certified organic, small batch, and slowly brewed with Ayurvedic botanicals, loose tea leaves and fresh fruits
Our food values
After embarking on a lengthy leaf-to-bottle discovery process, our chefs crafted a distinct method of extracting bright, refreshing flavor without bitterness and astringency
Our family values
As a caring community of chefs, farmers, advocates and entrepreneurs, Enroot is proud to be a Sustaining Partner of the James Beard Foundation women's leadership programs, to address the lack of diversity and parity in the industry
Our farm values
We source our ingredients responsibly, and adhere to agricultural principles that support the protection of our natural resources, biodiversity, soil and water health, prohibition of GMOs, animal welfare and biological-based pest management
Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate
6 pack (12oz bottles)