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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our sparkling non-alcoholic rituals are Organic certified . Each non-alcoholic beverage is made only with organic teas, ayurvedic botanicals, fresh fruits and spices. With only 25 calories, each botanically-packed blend is also vegan / plant-based, gluten-free, kosher and has no added sugars, sweeteners, "flavors," artificial or lab-processed ingredients and concentrates.

Enroot was birthed as a culinary wellness brand in partnership with the James Beard Foundation and 12 award-winning chefs from its Impact programs. As chefs, entrepreneurs, advocates and parents, many of us were simply craving something delicious to enjoy, seeking a healthier beverage alternative, looking to lower our calorie and sugar intake, searching for clean and smooth caffeine substitutes, experimenting with non-alcoholic options, or wanting to support our own self-care.

After embarking on a lengthy discovery process from leaf-to-bottle, trying hundreds of organic tea varietals, ayurvedic botanicals, fresh fruits, roots and brewing methods, we collectively crafted a non-alcoholic ritual using a small batch slow cold brew for its delicious taste experience, clean caffeine levels, and wellness attributes.  Finished with a sparkling texture to both awaken and excite the palate, this distinct brewing method extracts a smooth, refreshing flavor without bitterness and astringency.

Grounded in culinary wellness, Enroot's non-alcoholic rituals are made only of organic tea varietals, ayurvedic botanicals, fruit purées/juices and spices. At only 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar for the entire bottle, our organic beverages are free of added sugars, sweeteners and “flavors.“

Enroot is a verb that means to implant by fixing our roots into the earth. When the company was founded, our caring community of chefs, farmers, advocacy and entrepreneurs wanted a name that could represent our strong connection to our food, the earth and each other. It is also an homage to being grounded to our heritage as we take on the responsibility of carrying forward. May we know our roots and blossom and grow together in our journey ahead.

Having previously worked with the James Beard Foundation and being admirers of their advocacy work, the founders forged a unique partnership with the foundation and award-winning chefs across the country to birth Enroot. Founding it on a strong connection to our food, the earth and each other, the group embarked on a lengthy discovery process from leaf-to-bottle, trying hundreds of organic tea varietals, ayurvedic botanicals, fruits, roots and brewing methods. Our non-alcoholic recipes and the slow 20-hour cold brew method were selected for its delicious taste experience, energy levels, antioxidants and wellness attributes. 

As a female-led public benefit corporation and pending certified B-corp, Enroot is also proud to be a Sustaining Partner and giving back to the James Beard Foundation Women’s Leadership Programs, which strives to address the lack of diversity and parity for women in the food community.

Thank you so much for your interest in our non-alcoholic rituals! We have just started to engage with distributors and grocers to seek their interest in carrying our collection of beverages. We are hoping they love it as much as we do, and will have conversations with us on how to bring Enroot to your local community. Until then, please keep checking our locator page, and we hope to be able to share our beverages across the country soon.

At this time, the products are currently only available in the United States. We hope to be able to take root in other countries and share our mission and products abroad as soon as possible.