Enroot is a
certified B Corp
"Our shared values are grounded in creating a world that is more delicious, diverse and sustainable."
Our food values

Our food values are grounded in taste and wellness. We invite you to get to know 12 of our esteemed, award-winning chefs and their culinary roots.

After embarking on a lengthy discovery process from leaf-to-bottle, trying hundreds of tea varietals, ayurvedic botanicals, fresh fruits and roots, our chefs crafted the small-batch slow cold brew ritual for its delicious taste experience and nourishing attributes. Finished with a sparkling texture to both awaken and excite the palate, this distinct method extracts a bright, refreshing flavor without bitterness and astringency.

We proudly brew in Santa Cruz county, CA.

Our family values

As a caring community of chefs, farmers, advocates and entrepreneurs, Enroot is proud to be a Sustaining Partner giving back to the James Beard Foundation women's leadership programs, which strive to address the lack of diversity and parity in the food and beverage industry.

Enroot is a female-led benefit corporation with our CEO Cristina Patwa paying homage to her grandmother's legacy as a small-scale farmer and food entrepreneur in the Philippines. Her heartfelt memories and experiences meeting with 200 female chefs through the Foundation are a driving force for our give back to sisters in the food community.

Our farm values

We source our ingredients carefully and responsibly, and are proud to adhere to agricultural principles that support the protection of our natural resources, biodiversity, soil and water health, prohibition of GMOs, animal welfare and biological-based pest management.

Enroot is the first start-up in food and beverage to work with SCS Global Services, a leading independent sustainability certification body, on a comprehensive responsible sourcing policy. With recyclable glass, aluminum caps and cardboard cases, we also work closely with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our chefs